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Our family has lived and breathed on the sustenance and inspiration of good
food and wine for 4 decades.

The energy and raw pleasure that we derive from these victuals

fuels our daily lives immeasurably.

Winemaking was always an aspiration and we started to make small quantities of wines from the 2003 vintage onward. I have always taken a light hearted approach to wine, wine marketing and everything that goes with it.

As glorious as some wines can be, they are ultimately libations that give us great joy and should be consumed as such. You can pass yourself going faster the other way if you take it too seriously. 

However there comes a time to sit back, glass in hand and ruminate over the journey and contemplate the horizon. The last 4 decades has been a whirlwind journey sustained by those victuals. The next 10 decades will be universally defining for us all. 

Perhaps it’s time to take an ever so slightly more focused view. 

Crafted by our winemaker the super talented Vanessa Carson, we present our first releases in 2022.

Ours is a proudly family owned wine adventure.

Now more than ever, we have choices – those choices will shape


- Terry Chellappah

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